Since its inception the school prides itself of the following facilities

(a)   Administration block - Courtesy of CDF, Nyatike Constituency.

(b)   Tuition block (3 classrooms) - Courtesy of P.T.A

(c)   Laboratory and a ten thousand litres kentank to harvest rain water - courtesy of LATF, county council of Migori

(d)   Three pit latrines - P.T.A

(e)   Two classrooms donated by the mother primary school

(f)    A modern gate and fence - P.T.A

(g)   A temporary kitchen equipped with a modern energy saving jiko - P.T.A

(h) A land measuring approximately 2.5hacteres - Mother Primary School and community.

The school takes this earliest opportunity to register its gratitude to the government of Kenya for its financial support to the school through free Secondary Education Programme (FSE). The fund has made it possible for the school to purchase some course books and exercise books which have been invaluable to the many needy students in the institution.